Special services…..


Archival serviceS

Old photographs, wills, historical documents,, insurance policies, contracts, and other important papers tend to be very valuable to us all.

Any of these can deteriorate with time, though. Pictures fade, and paper tends to age, deteriorate and crumble with the passage of time. Heaven forbid your important photos and papers should ever be destroyed by fire, or mildew, or any other such disastrous occurance!

Why take chances? We have an ultra-high resolution scanner which can be used to scan photographs and other important papers and documents. They are then converted to digital files and transposed onto a high-quality digital CD, which can easily be stored for generations to come.

Trust your important documents and family heirloom photographs to us. Take advantage NOW of our Archival Services and let Lordscapes scan  and digitally archive things of value for you. Reaching into your safe deposit box for this CD will prove much easier and more accurate than reaching into your memory later!

Transfer services

Library full of precious VHS video tapes? Old family movies….favorite sports tournaments…family reunions….favorite TV episodes…..Many of us used VHS video cameras for many years to capture “the times of our lives” on tape.

Video tapes tend to deteriorate with the passage of time. The magnetic particles on the tapes which enable the actual recording to take place, and even the plastic tape itself, becomes worn and disintegrated with useage and with the passage of time itself. Time, “playbacks”, heat, humidity, and a number of other elements all impact how long those tapes will last.

DON’T RISK losing these precious memories!!! We can easily transfer your VHS tapes to long-lasting, nearly permanent high quality digital DVD’s, ensuring your “movies” will last virtually for a lifetime!