Geared toward the country/bluegrass music industry, Fox Famous Fotos can make you look great in front of more people!

We shoot entirely on location…concerts, recording sessions, fan club meet-n-greets, even “day in the life of” sessions! Capturing images of you in natural surroundings is the best way to portray you to the public.

Suitable for album covers, web sites, newsletters, promotional materials, and any other use you may have, our professional digital CD’s include a mechanical license where we retain the copyright but you get full use of all the photos for whatever meets your needs! (Licensing is included in cost, so there is no additional charge.)

Commercial rates apply, plus reasonable and customary travel costs  when needed.

Call us today at 815/441-3221 to discuss your needs and get a price quote.

(Photos copyright by Dave Fox; Photos are not  intended to benefit Lordscapes but are shown only to display the quality of work we can do for clients.)

music track “bright lights and country music” is copyright by bill anderson and used here by permission.)


Fox famous fotos